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prinnie 1891
prinnie 1891
Welcome to my Thorndike/Thorndyke/Thorndick research page. I started my research in 1975 following the death of my dad, James Frank Thorndyke, in 1972. This was my way of holding on to him. I found that Joyce Wheway, my dad's cousin, had already started the research and with her help I learnt the process of early researching using only Record Offices and St Catherines House and the Census Office. Sadly Joyce passed away in 2002 following several years of Alzheimer's Disease. Research processes have changed over the years considerably and although I love to visit Record Offices this is not so easy now and my main source of research is through the internet. However, and most importantly, third party information should never be accepted as correct without access to proof by way of original records. Where there is any doubt my records are marked either with "3rd party information" or "( ....)" depicting that information needs proof and checking.

My particular aim is to find the link between Thomas Thorndicke who married Thamesin Hooson (Hodson) in Bedfield, Suffolk in 1621 and the families in Lincolnshire. I also need to find Thomas' birth and death.

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Over the last couple of months I have set up a new checking system using Excel and Word. All my census returns are in a word document where I can check back the information on my tree and colour code them appropriately. The main index I am using is on Excel which I am also colour coding. This is helping me to look carefully for potential errors.