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CADE, Beatrice A (P1568)
On census return 1891 RG12 186, page 203. St John Hackney,Norfolk Road, Orphan. Philipp Druckler, pupil 12,orphan born London. Head of orphanage is Jacob Hillpold but why German orphanage and not with Christinia. (see notes)
From Merckel family disc from Ann Cutworth
(JOHN)PHILIP DRÜCKLER 1878-1947 (Ancestor of JannetSainsbury)
John Philip Drücklerwas born in 1878 in Mile End Old Town, London.
Family anecdotes say that Philip travelled on a steam ship to Argentinawith his father to buy beef. He would have only been five or six years old atthe time, but it is certainly possible.
Philip Drückler joined the Army at age 15-16 and changed his surname toMorris.
He later worked as an electrician with Newport Corporation.
As Philip Morris he married Elizabeth (Bessy) Alice Roach in 1908 inNewport, Monmouthshire. Elizabeth was a daughter of William Roach, a docklabourer in St. Woollas, Monmouth, and Charlotte Hanks. She was born on 2ndOctober 1887 in Newport, the third of their six children.
Philip and Elizabeth had eight children, all born in Newport,Monmouthshire – Philipp Morris sustained fatal injuries after falling off the backof a truck in 1947.

DRUECKER AKA MORRIS, (John) Phillip (P3665)
Parents are either Jonathan and Ann or Edward and Ann. They both had daughters with the same year or so. One married one didnt.
This Ann did not marry Thomas Garrod. The only link to him is through her son Thomas' jail record where he names Thomas Garrod as his father.

There are a few problems with this person.

Firstly I had him married to Mary Malam. I cannot see any evidence of this marriage and can only assume I picked it up from a third party. I have removed "Malam" from Mary until further notice.

The only Mary Malam/Maylam marriage that I have managed to find is for Mary Malam marrying Robert Thorndike in Welton Le Wold at 1803.

There have been several occasions of other JOhn / Roberts being the same person however on this occasion it does not appear to be the case.
The only potential marriage I have found so far is John of Strubby, Farmer marrying Mary Bell of Mablethorpe marrying 1800 in Theddlethorpe. However Mary is on the 1841 and 1851 census as a widow. The 1851 census at Strubby describes that Mary as a 75 year old widow born in Hannah cum Hagnaby.

My other concern is that this John and Mary appear to have 12 children. I know this is possible but want to find confirmation of same family.
THORNDIKE, John (P1423)
129 "Care ? connection - Harold MP and/.... Millard (2) John B 1933, Leicester" This is I think because I have anotherJohn B born 1933 Horncastle who married at Joyce M Lawrence in1955. I need to sort these two John b's out for certain.
"Care ? connection - Harold MP and/.... Millard (2)
John B 1933, Leicester" This is I think because I have anotherJohn B b orn 1933 Horncastle who married at Joyce M Lawrence in1955.

I need to sort these two John b's out for certain.
THORNDYKE, John Barrie (P1641)
130 "I remember that day, it was a Sunday morning and dad took us children, as was normal, to see granddad before going on to Esher to watch the steam trains. granddad was in his chair, newspaper next to him and "asleep". RIP. " (by Patricia) THORNDYKE, James (P3032)
131 "The Trials ended thy rest is won" THORNDYKE, Hannah Marie (P5361)
132 "working member of our theatre"
THORNDIKE, Eileen Isabella (P763)
133 (AKA Harry) THORNDIKE, Henry John (P2889)
134 (check location) Thomas Hudson Thorndick (P3548)
135 (Descendants of John Thorndike, blue book) this book shows date not known for birth, probably at Cape Elizabeth, Maine. However there is another "Paul" in the same family. Check out if both existed etc. THORNDIKE, Paul (P5526)
136 (from my notes there is a burial record for William age 34 of Gibralter Point, Wainfleet on 12 October 1835 - S Ormsby Reg) THORNDIKE, William (P2242)
137 (if correct person born 19 Dec 1863) from 1939 Register. Ada Eliza registered GRO 1864 Westley mmn. THORNDIKE, Ada Eliza (P4153)
138 (My parish register file "vidna" (widow) (joyce's notes) HOOSON, Thamesin (P3367)
139 (of Glenallan at marriage) FLEET, Harriet (P5379)
140 (parents given as Charles John & Sarah) ??? THORNDIKE, Charles John (P819)
141 (poss Suffolk) 3rd party BOLTON, Frances (P1175)
142 (possible - 1939 register has a Caroline and Frank Newson living at Victoria Cottage, Hartesmere. Her dob 17 Nov 1895 his 1 sept 1891 THORNDYKE, Caroline (P5178)
143 (possible death for her only) BARBER, Susanna (P3642)
144 (possibly correct person - age 89 - Described as Mary Malam Thorndike) MALAM \ MAYLAM, Mary (P1965)
145 (pretty sure she is the person who married Charles William Hall although her age and year of birth is wrong. THORNDIKE, Lucy (P150)
146 (prob this John but no guarantee) THORNDIKE, John (P1186)
147 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. THORNDYKE, R.J. (P302)
148 (Rosannah was described as Widow on her death?) THORNDYKE, Thomas (P5344)
149 (There is also a baptism record for Richard Thorndrake, mother Elizabeth, in Athelington for 26 March 1815). Investigate further THORNDIKE, Robert (aka Richard on marriage in 1841) (P2682)
150 (There is another John Thorndick born in 1813 in London but his marriage certificate shows father as William - He married Mary Luck and moved to USA/Canada) THORNDICK, John (P3647)

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