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151 (War office records state born 2 August 1795 at Ipswich - ) !! THORNDIKE, Daniel (P699)
152 * John apprenticed to Miles Bull of Ipswich 1723. Baker
Will (see attached media)
In the name of God Amen I John Thorndike of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk Baker being sick and weak in body but of sound mind memory and understanding do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and fform following ffirst and principally I command my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God my Creator hopint through the merits and inte..fusion of my blessed saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ to obtain Pardon and Remission of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life and my Body, I commit to the Earth to be interred at the discretion of my Executors and Executrix hereinafter named in a decent manner and as to the Worldy Estate with which it have pleased God to bless me I give devise bequeath and dispose thereof in manner following (that is to say I order and direct that all my just debts, ffuneral charges and probate of this my last will and testament be paid And I do hereby subject All my Estate both Real and Personal with the Payment thereof And also I do hereby subject and charge all my estate both real and personal with the Payment of one Annuity or Yearly Payment to Susanna Manning of Chalmondeston in the said County, Widow in such manner as I have entered into a Bond for that purpose. I give devise, bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal whatsoever and wh....(whensoever?) to be equally divided between John Thorndike, Samuel Thorndike my sons and Susannah the wife of Charles Denny my daughter. Share and Share alike. And I do hereby Nominate and appoint the said John Thorndike and Samuel Thorndike my sons and the said Susannah Denny my daughter executors and executrix of this my last will and testament and I do hereby declare that the only and sole reason of my not devising or bequeathing any par t of my estayte to Robert Thorndike, my son is that I have advanced to him more than his full equal share in my life time. It witness whereof the said John Thorndike the testator have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this 11 day of April 1769. witnesses. He signed the will.

?? did he marry twice

There are several admissions to Bethlem Royal Assylum from 1750-1769 however if this is him the "of sound mind" may be brought into doubt. It says he is of St Laurence Ipswich but no other clue to connection.

153 ****check this surname etc out as on son John's marriagecertificate to Eliza + Pipe I have pencilled son of George &Emma born 1891.****

--Other Fields
NICK: Susannah 
PIPE, Susan (P78)
154 , , Ontario, Canada THORNDYKE, George (P5355)
155 , Lincolnshire, , England THORNDIKE, Michael (P1143)
156 , Suffolk, , England COLEMAN, Edward (P2531)
157 ,Marquette,WI SOUTHWELL, Lydia Maria Child (P158)
158 --Other Fields
THORNDIKE, Hilda (P348)
159 --Other Fields
NICK: (?real name Edna B??)
Where have I got the idea of Edna B !!!
THORNDYKE, Harriett Elizabeth (P876)
160 --Other Fields
NICK: (Mary Ann?) Margaret Annie from George himself 
COLLETT, Margaret Annie Catherine (P1808)
161 --Other Fields
NICK: Albert 
THORNDYKE, Edward 'Albert' (P882)
162 --Other Fields
NICK: Bert 
BURGESS, Albert (P1061)
163 --Other Fields
NICK: Ernie 
ASKEW, Ernest (P1062)
164 --Other Fields
NICK: Hilda (?) 
FAIRCHILD, Gertrude M 'Hilda' (P970)
165 --Other Fields
NICK: Ivy 
THORNDYKE, Kathleen Ivy (P922)
166 --Other Fields
NICK: Jack
witness at brother in law Albert's wedding 1907 
BIRD, John (P1034)
167 --Other Fields
--Other Fields NICK: Liz
STAINTON, Anne (P2493)
168 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. THORNDIKE, S.V. (P1055)
169 --Other Fields
NICK: Sonny 
THORNDIKE, Harold Arthur (Sonny) (P906)
170 --Other Fields
NICK: Tippy

from information from wife of Charles.

Albert 'Tippy' had four daughters. One lives at Starston. Shehas two daughters who might help you. Her address is No 1council Houses, Skinners Lane, Starston, Nr Harleston.
Her name is Baldwin. 
THORNDYKE, Albert William (Tippy) (P928)
171 --Other Fields
POST: (widow of George Thorndike) 
ALDOUS, Eliza (P3232)
172 --Other Fields
PREF: (poss) 
THORNDIKE, Elizabeth (P256)
173 --Other Fields
PREF: adopted
DADM: William John (see his will) 
BAILEY, Frank (P295)
174 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. THORNDYKE, R.J. (P302)
175 --Other Fields
PREF: poss 
WATERMAN, Cecil H (P2835)
176 --Other Fields
PREF: poss 
BRUNDISH, James widow at marriag (P24)
177 --Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1935 
THORNDIKE, Reginald Thomas (P89)
178 --Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1966 
GOODERHAM, Ada Florence Kathleen (P931)
179 --Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1970 
THORNDIKE, Frederick William George (P434)
180 --Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1970 
THORNDIKE, Marion Anna (P90)
181 --Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1974 
KING, Ada Mary (P220)
182 --Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1983 
THORNDIKE, Frederick B (P439)
183 --Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1983 Admon. 
THORNDYKE, Eric Ronald (P946)
184 --Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1987 
THORNDYKE, Alfred Isaac (P924)
185 --Other Fields
WILL: the family are under the impression that he married beforehe married to + 
NOT KNOWN, Cant Find A Second Wife At Moment (P1035)
186 --Other Fields THORNDYKE, Albert S (P315)
187 --Other Fields NICK: (Elizabeth)
--Other Fields
NICK: (Elizabeth)
THORNDIKE, Alize (Aka Eliz) (P2504)
188 --Other Fields NICK: Dorite
--Other Fields
NICK: Dorite
THORNDIKE, Dorothy Aka Dorite (P2569)
189 --Other Fields POST: (widow of George Thorndike) green ALDOUS, Eliza (P3232)
190 --Other Fields PREF: (poss)
MALLOWS, George (P29)
191 --Other Fields PREF: poss
THORNDIKE, Charles (P30)
192 --Other Fields PREF: widow, 2nd wife
--Other Fields
PREF: widow, 2nd wife
PRIGION, Elizabeth (P2476)
193 --Other Fields WILL: Date: 1603 Place: Winchester Castle Prisoner, husbandman of Hursl ey Pitt, Will on file PALMER, Richard (P4766)
194 --Other Fields WILL: Date: 1905
--Other Fields
WILL: Date: 1905
THORNDIKE, Thomas (P1106)
195 --Other Fields WILL: Date: 1974
BLOOMFIELD, Florence Elizabeth (P202)
196 --Other Fields WILL: Date: 1979
STILES, Norah Eva Winifred (P2827)
197 --Other Fields WILL: Date: 1982
THORNDIKE, Cyril Edward (P225)
198 --Other Fields WILL: Date: 22 Aug 1580 Place: Great Carlton proved 5 Sept 1580
--Other Fields
WILL: Date: 22 Aug 1580 Place: Great Carlton proved 5 Sept 1580
THORNDIKE, Nicholas (P2556)
199 --Other Fields WILL: yes
--Other Fields
WILL: yes
THORNDYKE, John William (P1781)
200 --Other Fields WILL: yes
--Other Fields
WILL: yes
THORNDIKE, John Michael (P1403)

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