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Worlingworth, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARLEY, Eliza  Abt. 1828Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P857
2 BLOMFIELD, Eliza /BLOOMFIELD  Abt 1842Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P146
3 BLOOMFIELD, Charles  1841Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P279
4 BRIDGES, George  Abt 1815Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P280
5 MAYHEW, Robert  14 Jan 1847Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P2862
6 POLL, Arthur  Abt 1864Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P508
7 POLL, Daisy M  Abt 1890Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P509
8 POLL, William  Abt 1827Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P82
9 TAYLOR, John  Abt. 1818Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P73
10 THORNDICKE, Elizabeth  1703Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P3404
11 THORNDICKE, John  1676Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P3395
12 THORNDIKE, Edgar  08 Nov 1841Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P66
13 THORNDIKE, Edgar  29 Jun 1843Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P55
14 THORNDIKE, Eliza  1856Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P54
15 THORNDIKE, Eliza  1867Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P275
16 THORNDIKE, Emily  26 April 1904Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P635
17 THORNDIKE, Emma  22 Jul 1848 (3rd party)Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P38
18 THORNDIKE, Emma  28 Jun 1836Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P49
19 THORNDIKE, Emma  27 Sep 1850Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P37
20 THORNDIKE, Emma Elizabeth  12 Mar 1881Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P497
21 THORNDIKE, Florence Ellen  24 May 1882Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P505
22 THORNDIKE, Frederick Arthur  28 Jul 1854Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P44
23 THORNDIKE, George  12 Oct 1822Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P18
24 THORNDIKE, George  04 Apr 1847Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P64
25 THORNDIKE, Georgina Priscilla  October 1903Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P4264
26 THORNDIKE, John  5 Oct 1842Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P45
27 THORNDIKE, John  10 Dec 1894Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P632
28 THORNDIKE, Letitia  Abt 1818Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P16
29 THORNDIKE, Letitia  Jan 1849Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P42
30 THORNDIKE, Letitia (Letty)  05 Sep 1826Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P20
31 THORNDIKE, Lucky  23 Oct 1850Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P58
32 THORNDIKE, Lucky Arthur  1857Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P61
33 THORNDIKE, Lucy  1864Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P150
34 THORNDIKE, Lucy Lydia  28/8/1883Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P504
35 THORNDIKE, Margaret  Abt 1871Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P86
36 THORNDIKE, Mary  5 Feb 1854 (3rd party info check)Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P60
37 THORNDIKE, Mary  30 May 1849Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P65
38 THORNDIKE, Mary  1871Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P277
39 THORNDIKE, Mary "Kate"  1872Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P152
40 THORNDIKE, Sarah  13 May 1855Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P39
41 THORNDIKE, Simon  23 Aug 1816 (3rd party info check)Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P17
42 THORNDIKE, Simon  17 Jan 1852Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P59
43 THORNDIKE, Syer  17 Jun 1839Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P50
44 THORNDIKE, Syer  21 Dec 1872Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P489
45 THORNDIKE, Thomas  July 1866Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P87
46 THORNDIKE, Walter  6 Aug 1851 3rd party info)Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P46
47 THORNDIKE, Walter  17 May 1845Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P57
48 THORNDIKE, Walter  1869Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P151
49 THORNDIKE, Wesley Reuben  October 1896Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P3321
50 THORNDIKE, William (Arthur)  Abt 1852Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P3994

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 THORNDIKE, Anna Maria "Annie"  1869Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P177
2 THORNDIKE, Arthur  1873Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P278
3 THORNDIKE, Edgar  1841Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P66
4 THORNDIKE, Emma Elizabeth  1881Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P497
5 THORNDIKE, Ernest Harry  1888Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P366
6 THORNDIKE, Florence Ellen  1882Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P505
7 THORNDIKE, Frederick Arthur  1854Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P44
8 THORNDIKE, Lucky Arthur  1857Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P61
9 THORNDIKE, Lucy Lydia  1882Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P504
10 THORNDIKE, Mary  1854Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P60


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDOUS, Charlotte  Jan 1879Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P36
2 THORNDIKE, Eliza  October 1856Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P54
3 THORNDIKE, Emma  Apr 1849Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P38
4 THORNDIKE, George  Jul 1857Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P48
5 THORNDIKE, James  Apr 1890Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P19
6 THORNDIKE, John  Jan 1845Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P5
7 THORNDIKE, Letitia  1818Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P16
8 THORNDIKE, Lucky Arthur  1858Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P61
9 THORNDIKE, Simon  28 Sep 1896Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P17


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 THORNDIKE, George  19 December 1899Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P64
2 THORNDIKE, Simon  1839Worlingworth, Suffolk, England P62